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Dévo Canada is a platform to help potential foreign workers and Canadian employers connect. We are providing a meeting point where legally established Canadian companies are able to connect with qualified candidates around the globe, while providing access to authorized immigration representatives, English language teaching classes, and opportunities to learn necessary pre-employment skills.

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A comprehensive suite of Devo Canada features for employers

Google Job Post Structured Data

Google Job Post Structured Data Enabled

Adding structured data makes your job postings eligible to appear in a special user experience in Google Search results.

Control Your Billing

Cost Effective Solution

Cancel or upgrade your employer account at anytime as per your needs. Your data is cached and you can choose reactivate your account even after cancellation.

& Much More

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Advanced Server Caching

With server caching spread throughout a network of global data-centers, you can access your account dashboard to post, update jobs and check on applicants from anywhere in the world.

Analytical Data

Analytical Data

Each job you post will display several analytical metrics with very easy navigation made possible throughout your account dashboard.

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